Timmy has designed and promoted many different products. With a sense of what’s young, fun and exciting he has brought many successful brands to the shops! Take a look at the range of brilliant things Timmy has designed and endorsed!

Bedroom Accessories

Timmy helped advertise and promote this wonderful range of childrens’ bedroom soft furnishings. Nigel the Neighbour is a cuddly koala and very popular with boys and girls alike. It’s made and sold by Baxters of Oldham.

Spot the difference between these two pictures.  Look closely…

Got it yet?
Pink duvet for girls and blue for boys!


“How to be Utterly Brilliant"

This book is full of excellent funny ways of excelling at everything. It also has 16 utterly sticky stickers to prove it!

“Timmy Mallett’s Utterly Brilliant History of The World"

This is one of Timmy’s favourite subjects and tells you everything that ever happened from the beginning of time right up until this morning! The hologram on the front is utterly utterly BRILLIANT!

The official historian was Timmy’s mate, Aisling O’Hagen. She’s a brilliant funny writer and worked as a producer on Wacaday.

Both books are also available from:
Utterly Brilliant Timmy Stuff
PO Box 100

Payment is accepted by cheque or postal order only.


The Magic Spell Game is a brilliant board game to test your spelling! It’s based around the madness of Timmy Towers and you spell your way around the crazy kitchen, the loony lounge and the antique attic etc! The board itself is a giant jigsaw puzzle! and the idea is to spell your way around Timmy Towers.

From the silly cellar to the antique attic there is a totally Timmy trail to follow through Timmy Towers! Hop over the horrible hazards, spell wacky words from the 350 silly subjects, rescue Magic from Magic Mansions and make up really silly stories! TIMMY MALLETT’S MAGIC SPELL GAME, a totally brilliant game of fun and imagination for children of all ages and all the family. It’s educational too.

In-Vision Commercials

Kiddicraft used Timmy’s face and voice to help sell their kids tape machines.

Cherry Coke associated themselves with Timmy to promote the drink along with Timmy’s hit records.


Timmy’s Utterly Brilliant Paint Box Video follows Timmy’s suggestions of making and painting great things to keep you entertained for the rest of your life and beyond. Timmy’s performance as great master of the Art world has to be seen to be believed!

The Magic Box video features Timmy as the great Mallettini (with his side kick Magic the cockatiel). With a willing audience and some expert help they put on great magic shows and show you how the tricks are done too!

Both videos are available from:
Utterly Brilliant Timmy Stuff
PO Box 100
Cookham SL6 9XX

Voice Overs and In-Flight Radio Shows

Next time you visit Oxford – go round the Oxford Story in Broad Street and listen to Timmy’s fabulous and entertaining commentary!

Timmy has done lots of voice-overs for a variety of companies including:

  • The Beano – “Everyone we know loves the BEANO!"
  • The Dandy – “It’s good to keep the DANDY handy!"

Most recently Timmy has recorded adverts for:

  • Asahi Beer
  • Kellogs
  • Legoland.

Timmy has hosted many in flight entertainment shows for different airlines including Britannia, British Caledonian and Virgin Airlines. His story telling and entertaining style is in great demand for those long trips to your holiday destination.