Beat The Best

Beat The Best

‘Beat the Best’ is a brand new sports show being made by Brilliant TV. In ‘Beat the Best’ we meet the stars of the world’s greatest sports, find out what it takes to become a star, and then give you the chance to BEAT THEM at their own game! Is it possible? Anything’s possible on ‘Beat the Best’

A pilot show has been filmed and finds keen skateboarders from the all over the country taking on top UK pro skateboarder and Byker Grove’ TV stunt star Neil Urwin at The Matrix skateboarding park in Maidenhead.

The programme is presented by experienced children’s TV stars Timmy Mallett and Kate Russell and is made by ‘Brilliant TV‘ – the production company owned by Timmy Mallett who’s also Executive Producer on the show!

Not only does Timmy Mallett present ‘Beat the Best’, he also produces it! In 1992 he set up his own production company, ‘Brilliant TV’, that makes loads of great telly! Timmy’s career in television spans back to the 1980s when he was plucked from the radio to present ‘The Wide Awake Club’ and spin-off series ‘Wacaday’ for ‘TV-am’. Both lasted ages and made Timmy a massive superstar! Since then he’s presented loads of other programmes like ‘Utterly Brilliant’, ‘Way to Go’ and ‘Timmy Towers’.

We filmed the pilot a few weeks ago and took some photos while we were there! Why not take a look and meet the production team! Click here!


Here’s a few more pictures of just some of the behind the scenes crew who made the programme possible.

Timmy has also made other notable appearances on and lent his infectious personality to a number of programmes and events.
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