Timmy has always had an interest in childrens’ charities and is especially interested in any that deal with drama, education, sport and helping children to achieve their potential or have their dreams come true.

The Camphill Village Trust & Newton Dee Village

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Down’s Syndrome has a special place in Timmy’s heart, as well as Mencap. Timmy’s older brother Martin has down’s syndrome and lives in a self help community in Aberdeen.
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Martin has lived at Newton Dee since 1981 and although he cannot speak properly he makes a fantastic contribution to the life of the community, both at Newton Dee, and also in the wider area like at the church of St Devenicks, Cults where he is a bell ringer, greeter and sides man. Martin loves Aberdeen FC! Martin is also a baker and makes the best bread in town!

The Camphill village Trust at Newton Dee village, Bieldside, Aberdeen has successfully fought the intrusive routing of the new Western relief road around Aberdeen and Timmy is proud to have supported them in their fight.

Thank you to everyone who has written to the Ministers responsible, added their voice to the thousands who campaigned!

It’s important to speak up for Martin and the 200 residents of Newton Dee, many of whom are unable to express themselves, and who need their interests protecting. Martin lives a rich full life and the impact of this road would have been devastating.

“If this was a sight of special scientific interest everyone would be up in arms to save it. In fact it’s a sight of special Human interest and the way we treat our vulnerable people reflects upon society. The contribution made by Camphill and the residents at Newton Dee is far too important to be bulldozed by a road in this way.

It is a triumph for Scotland that the Scottish parliament have decided to choose an alternative route and save the 60 year old Camphill community." Says Timmy.

The economic benefit to the local community is hugely significant. Farms, workshops, bakery, coffee shop, schools and education amount to £7 million a year. And these are vulnerable people with special needs contributing significantly to the wider community.

Timmy says: “This is a global issue. Everyone has the right reach their human potential. Now the residents of Camphill, Newton Dee will be able to celebrate a famous victory!"

We suggest you help celebrate by calling in to the shop for a coffee and cake and do some Christmas shopping at their wonderful workshop store!

Timmy Visits Thames Valley Air Ambulance

The Thames Valley Air Ambulance has been operating since 1999 and Timmy has often seen the flourescent yellow helicopter flying over his house. He was amazed to find it needs a £1 million pounds a year to keep it operating 7 days a week. The Air Ambulance makes up to 10 emergency calls a day.

On the day Timmy went to visit, the helicopter was called out three time in the space of an hour. One of the calls was for a child who had fallen from the school climbing frame at Cookham Rise School near Timmy’s home. The Air Ambulance landed on the school playing fields and the child was rushed to hospital in minutes! This is vital work that should be funded by the NHS, but until it is, charitable donations keep it in the air.

Please help any way you can.
Contact: Stevie Horton,
Fundraiser for Thames Valley Air Ambulance.

Thames Valley Air Ambulance Spinathon

Who’s doing a 6 hour marathon spinathon for The Thames Valley Air Ambulance?!

The Sick Children's Trust

The Sick Childrens Trust orgainsed a celebrity cricket match with the Bunbury Cricket Club at the most expensive cricket club in the World! (August 2011).

There was a fabulous afternoon of celebrity cricket at the Honorable Artillery Company in Moorgate, London with Timmy hitting the winning runs!

Click here to read more.

Gladstone's Library

Gladstone’s Library in Hawarden, North Wales was founded by Prime Minister Gladstone in 1902. Timmy’s family connection began with his dad, Michael Mallett who trained as a clergyman there in the 1960s. This residential library helps clergy and others on sabbaticals and retreats and is used by hundreds of people from around the world.

A recent course of “Greek in a week!" helped people to discover the pleasure of residential study. It’s an important centre that Timmy is proud to be associated with.

Timmy supports Gladstone’s Library

Ringing the changes at Cookham

Timmy helped in the fund raising for the new church bells at Holy Trinity, Cookham. £70,000 has been raised for a new frame and two new bells bringing it up to a ring of 10. Timmy started bellringing as a teenager and now it’s a family thing with son Billy pulling the ropes too.

The oldest bell at Cookham dates back to 1635 at it’s amazing to think they’ve been rung week in and week out for over 370 years! It’s the weirdest thing to watch bellringing in action! But hey, it sounds good! You can find out more by keeping an ear out any of the thousands of churches with bells.

Timmy is Trustee of Family Friendly Churches a charity aiming at making Churches more appealing to families.

Peter & The Wolf

Timmy narrated and acted an amazing version of the classic Peter and the Wolf with a 50 piece orchestra in the unusual setting of the church in High Wycombe!

He caused a stir by climbing onto the pulpit for the dramatic part where Peter catches the wolf and then almost strangled the lead violinist!

The evening was hosted by Timmy’s good friend and neighbour, Carol Vorderman, in aid of Tele Med.