Cycling the Camino de Santiago from home

Is this a good idea?
My mission from the Bishop of Oxford

Entertainer Timmy Mallett is set to embark on a 2,000km cycling adventure from Maidenhead to Spain next month.

Setting off from Cookham on Monday, March 12, he will be cycling along the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route, painting pictures along the way.  He expects the trip to take six weeks, and he is going to raise awareness for mental health, and how people can realise their potential.

He said:

“I like the unexpected adventure of cycling. It’s not how far you go, or how fast; its how much fun you have along the way.  There’s a spiritual aspect to it – the people you meet and the things that may happen.  There’s that line – ‘it’s more about the journey than the destination’, and I don’t think that was ever truer.”

The pilgrimage route has been used by Christians for more than a thousand years, and people still walk and cycle to Santiago, where the remains of St James are said to be buried.  
Along the way, Timmy will be painting anything that catches his eye.

He will bring painting equipment with him on his bike, and the so-called ‘Cycling Artist’ will send everything he paints back home.  Timmy describes this journey as ‘far and away the biggest challenge’ he has ever faced, and wants to show how everyone can reach their potential.

He points to his brother Martin, who suffers from Down syndrome and dementia, as someone who is inspiring.  He said:

“Reaching your potential is doable. We all have to be the best we can at what we do.  I’m impressed by my brother, Martin, he reaches his potential every single day.  He has language difficulties, but he connects with everybody he knows.”


Article used courtesy of The Maidenhead Advertiser.

Is this a good idea?
My mission from the Bishop of Oxford
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