Dick and Dom in ‘Da Bungalow!

Timmy makes an appearance on 'Dick and Dom in 'Da Bungalow.'

Timmy loved being a guest on ‘Dick ‘n’ Dom in ‘Da Bungalow’ over and over. On their last weekend it was Timmy’s luck to be the surprise bride in a barmy wedding ceremony!!

Timmy was locked in the cage in the cellar of Dick ‘n’ Dom’s bungalow!! A great Saturday morning show on BBC1 in the tradition of proper anarchic mischievous kids telly. As it happened, it was Dom’s birthday and Timmy presented him with his own ‘Pinky Punky’ mallet! Meanwhile young ‘Billy Mallett’ was lost for words when meeting his heroes. “What shall we put on your T shirt?” asked Dick. “Er…. Nah….” and that’s what he got!

This is a show that relies on Dick and Dom’s quick wit and instinctive repartee. Timmy returned to perform in one of the clever puppet sketches. This is an extraordinary feature where Dick and Dom’s real size heads appear with squeaky high pitched voices on top of tiny puppet bodies. You find yourself watching and laughing and asking: “how’s that done?”

We found out when Timmy was asked to don a diddy Timmy puppet and take in a diddy ‘Pinky Punky’ for some giant sized weeing on Dom!

Timmy has also made other notable appearances on and lent his infectious personality to a number of programmes and events.
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