Go Getters!

Three teams of celebrities had to chase around the country for a week in a caravan looking for clues. They were supposed to stay in the caravan, but it was April and on the first night it snowed!

Starting in Alton Towers, Timmy’s team Timmy, Carol Vorderman, and the bloke off Brookside! drove to Wales to try sheep shearing and then to Liverpool to collect a pair of Holly Johnson’s underpants!

Here they are collecting those underpants from Holly’s sister!! Yorkshire Television, 1988

Laurence met Timmy and the team when they were filming….

“I met Timmy at Chester Zoo in the crocodile area when I was about 8 (now 26). He was with Carol Vorderman. My best friend Jimmy missed him by seconds and saw him running off into the distance in his pink shellsuit with his cameramen. He burst into tears and has yet to fully get over it. I have ordered him a Pinky Punky. I think he will be really touched! And I have also ordered one for my girlfriend Joey who is clearly jealous of mine. I was wondering if Timmy would please sign them like he did mine – one to Jimmy and one to Joey. If he really wants to surprise Jimmy he could put something like “sorry I missed you at Chester Zoo”. It would knock his socks off!

Thanks again,” Laurence

Timmy has also made other noteable appearances on and leant his infectious personality to a number of programmes and events.
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