It Shouldn’t Happen to a TV Presenter

"Who am I again?"

“Who am I again?”

In 2000 Timmy appeared on this light hearted look at all the terrible things that can go wrong when you are doing live kids TV!

Timmy says doing the ‘Wide Awake Club’ and ‘Wacaday’ was always harder than presenting ‘Newsnight’! And of course a whole lot more fun!

“So what goes wrong Timmy?????” Ever wondered where Timmy’s catchphrase “Utterly Utterly Brilliant”comes from? It’s Timmy’s thinking phrase when he’s working out what to do! The more utterlys there are, the more he’s trying to remember what comes next!!

“You’ll have this Mallet forever” said the producer! And he was right. Everywhere Timmy goes people always ask him: “Where’s your Mallet and where’s Magic?!”

Magic would come out of his cage on Wacaday and head for the red light on top of the studio camera. You could sometimes see the grey shadow of his tail across the screen!

If Magic took fright he’d fly up into the lights and long after the show had finished Timmy would be in the studio calling up to his cockatiel to come down so we could go home!


Timmy has also made other noteable appearances on and leant his infectious personality to a number of programmes and events.
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