It’s True

Always looking to attract attention, Timmy has made a name for himself with some nutty stunts… “I loved climbing Sydney harbour bridge, and the London to Brighton cycle ride, I adored diving the Great Barrier Reef, and driving coast to coast across the states, but I ‘ve always wanted to do something just a bit bonkers too. Something nobody else has done…" Here are just some of Timmy’s madcap antics. He’s always up for more. Got any suggestions?!

The Mallett and The Prime Minister

Timmy met Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher at the House of Commons Christmas party. “What does it do?!" asked Baroness Thatcher, pointing at the Mallet. “This!" replied Timmy and bonked her on the head! Look at the flunky in the background having kittens!

The daftest leap of faith

As a dare on air, Timmy once leaped into a frozen lake on the coldest day of the year, with the BBC TV cameras and Piccadilly radio mics following it all. He had to break the ice first with an axe and everyone said he was mad. Well he is! But the daftest part was he’d forgotten to bring any spare clothes and had to shiver all the way home in the borrowed overcoat and red pyjamas!

Record breaking shows!

With Martin Stanford (now Sky news) Timmy broke the record twice for the longest non stop radio shows. Together they broadcast on Radio Oxford for 66 hours without a break and their favourite hit which they played every hour was a little Italian ditty Timmy brought back from holiday called “mi scappa la pippi" which translates as “Oh dad I want a wee!" (So that’s where pinky Punky got his peeing complex from!)

Seat Aid

Timmy caused a sensation when he sat on every seat at Manchester United and Manchester City football clubs. It took him two and a half days, non stop and raised thousands of pounds. What’s his favourite seat? The last one! “I had to have padding down my trousers, and my hands grew sore pulling each of the 55,000 seats down. But I know which seat has the best view!"

Just Deserts!

Doing a 5 hour radio show in a bath of custard is a barmy thing to do. So we asked him why? To get the lumps out of course! “Actually it was really slimy, and by the end of the show my skin had starting going wrinkly like it does in the bath, but the sweet smelling custard and the slimy effect didn’t wash out for days!" Yuck!!

The multi coloured Mallett haircut!

This stunning haircut was done by Mae and Colin Woodley from Toppers in Headington for the Radio Oxford Marathon. “I had my initials carved in the back of my head in case I forgot who I was!! The red glasses were my tribute to the Buggles!"