More Timmy Hits

Topping the charts around the world is a very special achievement.

The story of all Timmy’s smash hits are here starting with the million seller Itsy Bitsy in 1990 right up to the current video.

Biff Baff Boff by Croc Idol

Above: “Biff Baff Boff," with David Van Day.
Inspired by their appearance on “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here."

The sophisticated recording equipment includes a Mallet of course (and a mic)!

Recording “Biff Baff Boff" was a challenge. Steps producer Barry Upton was drafted in to put the song together and Timmy and David quickly did a re-write with a new middle 8 section.
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“We couldn’t find a time to be together as I was in panto in Weston Super Mare" said Timmy “and David had other commitments". So Barry turned up at the Playhouse theatre on Sunday afternoon with his portable studio and we did Timmy’s lyrics in his dressing room during the technical rehearsal of the pantomine!


The Bump

Nice skull cap Timmy!
Where did you get the bike gloves from?!

In 1991 it was time to show the Hammer who really had the hits! Step forward MC Mallett!
The Bump was orginally a hit for 70s band Kenny. The video was shot at Chessington World of Adventures with an excited crowd of onlookers.
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But the B-side, is probably one of those fabulous undiscovered gems. “Mr Mallett, Mr Mallett", is Pinky Punky at his finest, with samples from his performance on TV’s Wacaday – it’s a dance mix smash – brilliant for any rave!

Thanks to Nigel Wright for his sensational production.

Hot Hot Hot

Who is Del Costa?

Timmy of course! Yet another wonderful name under which to hit the unsuspecting public with a stunning hit!

“Hot Hot Hot" was a mix of several great summer hits including “Una Paloma Blanca", “Viva Espana", “Dancing on a Saturday night", “Barbados", and of course the old Arrows song Hot Hot hot.
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Del Costa was photographed in his gold medallions leaping in Timmy’s swimming pool and among his greatest quotes were these:
“Do you ever share a bath?"
“No I always bath-a-lona!"

The video was a real gem, shot in Ibiza over two days, it really captured the spirit of the age. Especially the football style chants in the chorus.

And the B-side? Called “Hotel Tequilla (summer in Samui mix)," it’s a quirky manuel type of cheeky song with Del Costa playing a confused bellboy. It brings a chuckle to our faces every time we hear it!

The good news is the song is still available on 7 inch vinyl for £5.50!!

Huggin An' A Kissin

With the success of Itsy Bitsy the decision was made to do an album which features 14 fabulous songs given the special Timmy/Bombalurina touch.
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It was launched the album with a big showbiz party at London’s Limelight club in December 1990, on the same day Margaret Thatcher resigned which rather stole their coverage!

Timmy performed Speedy Gonzales at the Childrens’ Royal Variety Show when the stuffed donkey he was riding memorably fell over on stage to everyone’s delight!

They did discuss releasing Speedy or Down came the Rain (indeed a very rare white label was released to a few radio stations).

The album was released in three versions. The original, a non stop party mix, and a karaoke version.

The full track listing is:

Itsy Bitsy Splish Splash Kiss Me Honey
Speedy Gonzales Down Came The Rain Hoots Mon
My Boomerang Won’t Come Back 7 Little Girls (Sitting in the Back Seat) Lollipop
Sweet Nothins’ Baby Sittin’ Boogie She Taught Me to Yodel
Three Bells They’re Coming to Take Me Away Haha!