My second Prime Minister sends me support

Thanks Komoot
The welcome!

Theresa May came to my home to hear about the Camino and reasons for cycling and painting it.

In my twin town St Benoit, my good friend the mayor, Dominique Clement, shared my story with former French Prime Minister Jean Pierre Raffarin. JP was PM to Jacques Chirac and he’s sent me a wonderful email of encouragement in English:

Dear Timmy
My brother Dominique told me your beautiful trip. He said you are a good guy! I always believe him.
I walked to St Jacques for several years I loved it.
Only one advice: drink the wine of dominique it’s the best on the way.
Bon Chemin.
Jean-Pierre Raffarin.

Thank you Jean Pierre, magnifique!
You can follow JP on Twitter.

Thanks Komoot
The welcome!
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