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Buy a signed copy of 'Utterly Brilliant – My Life's Journey'

Your own copy of Timmy’s best selling book Utterly Brilliant – My Life’s Journey.  Personalised and dedicated by Timmy who has kindly offered to sign a limited number in this way.

On the title page Timmy will inscribe a message to you.  It comes with a unique, individually artist crafted bookmark and you’ll also find a brotherly name tag, hidden by the author, within the book.

Utterly Brilliant tells the story of Timmy’s pilgrimage cycle and painting journey alone, from home, across 2500 miles, inspired by his Downs syndrome brother Martin to reach his potential.  Throughout the tale Timmy weaves memoirs from his colourful and entertaining life.

Choose Hardback or Paperback edition.  The perfect gift for special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, holiday adventure or inspiration.

Author signed Hardback – £25
Author signed Paperback – £15

Add your own Pinky Punky Mallett!
Just £35.00 with Paperback or
Just £45.00 with Hardback

Name of recipient!

Rare Original Pinky Punky – Just £50.00

Nostalgic original pinky punky mallets discovered in Wales by the Welsh toy makers.  Pinky punky with his vibrant pink face, removable jacket and bright yellow spiky hair.  There’s only a handful left of these anniversary pinky punkys and all for £50 including a Timmy autograph, WAC plaster and delivery to your door.

Name of recipient:

30th Wacky Anniversary Pinky Punky

Pinky Punky is Utterly Brilliant, cute, and cuddly – just like he is on the telly!

“Mr Mallett” hit our TV screens on Wacaday in the summer of 1990 and became an instant worldwide wacky superstar!

Three decades later your kids will love him (just like you) and he’s a lasting legacy to your childhood! Perfect for playing Mallett’s Mallet!

Pinky Punky is brilliantly pink and yellow with fluffy hair and nose, big blue shiny bowtie and gorgeous multi coloured embroided glasses, face, and features!

Hurry and get the 30th Wacky Anniversary Pinky Punky today (with the special sticker to prove it!)

At the bargain price of £25.99 (including delivery) together with Timmy’s personal autograph to you and a unique wacky WAC-plaster!

Name of recipient!

Timmy itsy bitsy Blaah! Facemask/Buff

Everyone needs a Facemask right now and the utterly brilliant itsy bitsy Blaah!  You need one for all forms of public transport and for shops and supermarkets, make it a Timmy face mask!

Timmy covering doubles as a buff, sweatband, balaclava, even head wear for the beach and party.

With Itsy bitsy polka dots it features Pinky Punky! Mallett’s Mallet! Timmy the No.1 popstar! Artist! and his wild spex!

One size fits all…

All you need is a head!

Buy now £10.99 inc delivery

Name of recipient!

Pinky Punky & Timmy Facemask

Be cool and wacky! Wear the Timmy facemask/buff/snood/bandana and wave your 30th anniversary Pinky Punky (with wacky plaster and anniversary sticker).  Be a hit at festivals and on holiday.

Special bargain price £30

Name of recipient!

Personalised Video Message from Timmy! – Just £99.00

If you have a friend celebrating something utterly special and you’d like an utterly brilliant Timmy video message from them, Timmy will create one!  Using the form below, please tell us a bit more.

Type of celebration your video message is for.
Please tell Timmy more.

Personal Online Mallett's Mallet Experience!  Starting from £250!

Meet Timmy online and play Mallett's Mallet just like like on the telly.  This is a personal live online meeting just for you.  Perfect for the ultimate birthday present.  Email for more details.

Utterly Brand new – Mallett Magnets!
Just £7.00 each.

Everyone has a fridge, a freezer, and magnetic thingy! Make it stand out with the intricately wood carved wild and wacky Timmy fridge magnets.

Option1: Timmy sings
Option 2: Wacaday
Option 3: Pinky Punky
Option 4: Timmy Blaaah!
Option 5: Timmy & Pinky Punky

Enter name of recipient

Keep your keys safe and smiling with these Utterly Brilliant Shiny Metal Timmy Spex keyrings!

Option 1: Timmy Sings
Option 2: Wacaday
Option 3: Timmy Blaah!
Option 4: Pinky Punky
Option 5: Timmy with Pinky
Option 6: Timmy Spex

Just £6.00 each.

Name of recipient!

Timmy Spectacular – Just £35.00

Included in this package:
Itsy Bitsy Spex
Your very own Pinky Punky!
Also included is this fantastic freebie:

Also: a Signed copy of Timmy's first paperback book 'Utterly Brilliant history of the world'

Name of recipient!

Timmy Teeshirt – Just £20.00

It’s a stunning design!
Timmy and Mallett’s Mallet splashed across your chest!
Available in size LARGE and XTRA LARGE.

Name of recipient!

Timmy Shorts – Just £20.00

The ultimate Timmy look:
A pair of bright red and yellow, knee length, cool looking Timmy shorts!
Ideal for making a big impression anywhere!
Wear them wacky!
Roll one leg of the shorts up!

Timmy shorts size
Name of recipient!

The Latin Lover

The dance grove of the century, I'm modest and proud of it!  Download now from iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and more….

Timmy Card! – Only £8.00 each.

These stunning A5 size Timmy cards open up to reveal a personal Timmy signature and space for your own message! (There’s also the useful envelope!)
Perfect for a birthday, anniversary etc

Name of recipient
Special message

Get a set of six different cards for £30 (including delivery)

Timmy Look-a-Like Deluxe – Just £65.00

Included in this package:
Itsy Bitsy Spex
Timmy Teeshirt
Timmy Cap (Available in RED)
Timmy Shorts
Your very own Pinky Punky!

Also: a Signed copy of Timmy's first paperback book 'Utterly Brilliant history of the world.'
And the must-have WAC plaster!

Timmy T-Shirt size
Timmy Shorts size
Name of recipient!

Timmy Cap – Just £10.00

Baseball cap, which reads:
“I've been Malletted!"

Please Note: Available in Red only!
Yellow sold out!

Name of recipient!

Utterly Brilliant History of the World – Just £5.00

Timmy’s written it himself – so it’s bound to be completely bonkers!  It’s where you can find out about everything that’s ever happened in the history of the world, from the beginning of time up to this morning!

Name of recipient!

Itsy Bitsy Spex – Just £10.00

Utterly cool Timmy spex!
Giving you the ultimate Mallett look!
Cool yellow shades with your very own palm tree!
You’ll be a star and look just like Timmy!

Name of recipient!

Timmy on the Tranny Badge – Just £5.00

For fans of Timmy’s classic radio shows!
The must have badge!
Ideal for those retro nights and Glastonbury festivals!
Available in a squillion assorted metallic colours!

Name of recipient!

Timmy’s Sensational Comic – Just £15.00 each!

Timmy’s comic is now a limited edition collector’s item:
– 5 fantastic issues were published from 1991 and they come packed to the staples with cartoon adventures, jokes, fun and A FREE GIFT!
– Eat your heart out Beano!
– Last few copies!

Name of recipient!

Personally Signed Panto Programme from Timmy – Just £15.00

Timmy panto programme
Name of recipient!

'Hot! Hot! Hot!' – by Del Costa – Just £9.99

Timmy’s groovy Spanish cousin made this fabulous remix of the classic summer hit including brilliant covers of Barabados:
– Dancing on a Saturday night
– Un a Paloma Blanca
– Viva Espana!
– An absolute must for any party night!
– Available in original 7" vinyl!

Name of recipient!

I was on the telly on Wacaday!

For a personal DVD of your appearance on the ‘show your telly was made for’ we need lots of info –  year, date, series theme, your age. etc

There were squillions of shows made from 1984-1992 and someone has to try and find your bit. It is not a simple task.

Buy Now – £150

(Please note: if we are unable to find your episode the fee is refunded less the search fee £25)

Important: This is a personal DVD for private use only and the copyright remains with Timmy Mallett forever. Any permissions are his alone.