Reasons to undertake this big adventure

Martin Mallett moments
The castle or the painting?

There are four reasons for my Camino de Santiago:

This pilgrimage route to the tomb of St James the Apostle has been around for a thousand years.  And in another thousand years someone else will be doing this.  Pilgrims are leaving home and putting themselves into the unknown whilst trusting in their own abilities and fortitude.

I want to paint this adventure.  Anyone can photograph it.  But can I produce a series of paintings that captures the essence of the journey.  It's not the destination after all, it's the journey.  I'm carrying my materials and shipping the work home as I complete it.

Can I actually cycle over 2,000kms across three countries and huge mountain ranges? Am I physically able to do it? I don’t know. But I’m prepared to have a go and I’ve been training throughout the winter months….

Life is made up of so many variables and our spirituality is one of them. My dear Down’s Syndrome big brother Martin is my inspiration to make the most of every day and to reach my potential. Despite Downs Syndrome, Dementia and learning difficulties, Martin never ceased to make the most of every day.

#I’m happy #You me.
We have shared our lives together.

Martin passed away at the start of March.  I am carrying him in my heart, and his name tags in my pocket to remind me every day that all I have to do is be the best Timmy I can be.

And that’s my Camino de Santiago.  Six weeks or so during spring time, the new beginnings of the year, to see what is going to happen.

Wish me luck
Buen Camino

Martin Mallett moments
The castle or the painting?
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